Video Games

Audio for Unity 5: Viking VillageĀ  (Firelight Technologies, 2016, FMOD + Unity implementation)

Unannounced (2016, sound design, mobile)

Lost for Words (OMG Brews Games, 2015, sound designer)

Treasure Sweep (, 2014, composer/sound designer)

The Eldritch Zookeper (2016, sound design, FMOD implementation)

Serenity (Luke O’Connor, 2016 composer/sound designer/audio implementer)

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Arma 3 Mod (Blue Harvest Interactive, 2015, composer)


After Lola – Feature (Humber College, 2015, co-composer)

Incoming Call – Short (Chiko A. Chingaya, 2015, composer)

Blocky #2 – Short (Ben Trimes, 2014, composer)

Blocky #3 – Short (Ben Trimes, 2015, composer)

My Sister, Sister-Helium Hitch – Short (Ben Trimes, 2014, composer)

Room Service – Short (Trevor Mazzaglia, 2014, composer)


“Ebb and Flow” (Martha Gallagher, 2016, virtual instrument programming)

“Without You” (Julia Carlucci, 2015, string arrangement)

“Without You” (Kate Buote, 2015, string arrangement)

“Going Home” (Michelle Pereira, 2015, string arrangement)

“I’m Feeling it” (Michelle Pereira, 2015, string arrangement)

“Obujer Moto Ami/Illogical Love” (Nyon, 2014, composition)